Supporting Social Dialogue and Development of Regional Tripartite Organizations for Strengthening of Trade and Tourism

Programme: Czech operational programme Human Resources and Employment

Implementation of the project: 01. 03. 2013 – 31. 02. 2015

Beneficiary: Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism

Partners: Trade Union of Workers in Trade and Czech-Moravian Trade Union of Hospitality, Hotels and Tourism

Project budget: 6 776 631 CZK (approx. 270 000 EUR)


Project Activities

The project consists of set of measures to support social dialogue in the field of trade (esp. retail) and tourism. The project includes proposals for action at several levels: from level of representatives of the organizations involved in the project who lead social dialogue, through the entrepreneurs and management who can improve the situation in companies to the level of ordinary employees who can use project information service including on-line legal advisory center.

The first group of activities support strategy making and monitoring the development of regional tripartite organizations (social partners and political representatives of the regions), especially in trade and tourism.

The second key activity is focused on monitoring activities of the regional tripartite platform in connection with the expansion and promotion of outputs from the National System of Occupations (NSP). The aim of this activity is to inform the actors of the social dialogue and regional tripartite platforms about NSP and NSK (National Register of Vocational Qualifications) and their potential benefits for social dialogue.

The third activities consist of developing promotional materials – manuals for team communication (social dialogue in the company), which are intended for middle management and staff. The handbooks about social dialogue for the general public are with emphasis for practical use. The promotional product is also a new website.

The fourth activity is focused on the transfer of know-how in the area of social dialogue. Transfer of best practice from abroad will take place in two ways. The first is an international conference that will focus on the transfer of know-how through examples of best practice from Czech and foreign regions. The second way for transfer of know-how will be study visits abroad (Slovakia, Austria).

A last range of activities promote cooperation between employers and employees in intra-company relationships through education in social dialogue, labour relations, legislation and team communication (organization of training seminars).The project will be piloted in six regions of the country. The following regions are involved in project: South Moravia, Central Bohemia, Hradec Králové Region, Pardubice Region, Liberec Region, and the Moravian-Silesian Region. The project activities will be open to interested persons also from other regions.